February 27, 2009

notions notions everywhere

Some of you may remember the knitting bag I made a while back. It's almost always in my bag so I can whip it out and knit a little wherever I am. One problem I was having with it is I didn't put a little zipper pocket in the inside. This would've been useful for my stitch markers, scissors, stitch holders, pen, tape measure, etc. These little notions tend to get tangled in my yarn or I et nervous they'll snag whatever project I have in there.

Last night I decided to actually pull out my sewing machine (I haven't used it in almost a month!!) and make a little zipper pouch. Nothing fancy. It ended up being a smidge smaller than I wanted, so my ruler doesn't fit very well, but I have my tape measure so it's whatever.

Everything fits great and it even matches my knitting bag! I love little sewing projects, they're so instantly gratifying :)

I also made another set of wine glass markers the other day but hadn't uploaded the pictures for my post yesterday. I think these are my favorites so far. I picked four colors and used any kind of bead I had in that color. It made for a delightfully random mix of colors and sizes in the beads. I might even make some earrings to match!

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