February 17, 2009

this really is a full month

So to continue from my last post, early February really was packed for my family.

My uncle that I posted about earlier died on my sister's birthday. It was sad but I know he's in a better place now praising God and no longer in pain. It was great to see a lot of family on my mom's side that I hadn't seen in almost 18 years. I love my family.

February 5 is a big day in my life also. First of all it's David's birthday. He just turned 22, woo! It's also our anniversary! We just celebrated our 3 years together :) It's been a great 3 years of trials, rejoicing, love, learning who God is, and learning who I am through David's love. I'm excited about our future years to come.

I made him some fun stuff for his birthday and anniversary. I don't have any good of them yet and I'm only halfway done with his birthday present, ha.

While I'm talking about love I'll show you what I knit for fun over the Valentine's weekend. I've always loved this holiday even if it was created by the greeting card people. My family has had a candlelit pancake dinner on Valentine's since I was in the 3rd grade I think. My dad was doing TDY in Italy (he's retired Air Force) so my mom, sister, and I had pancakes by candlelight. It's been a tradition ever since. This year David and my sister's boy joined us. The holiday reminds me of family more than commercial love.

Anyways, wow I got off track, I knit some cute little hearts up. I thought it'd be cute to give them to people but they're hanging in my room. I knit a purple one too and gave it to my roommate. I was inspired by some patterns I saw on ravelry. I started some but didn't like how they were turning out. I ended up writing my own pattern. I have it mostly written out but I want to make up one more size before I post it on here. My first pattern! Stay tuned for that :)
One last thing for tonight. My mom gave me this mug for Valentine's day and I love it. I had mentioned wanting some fun mugs over Christmas break and she thought I'd like this one from Target. I'm starting to really like red lately, so it's perfect. I drank some yummy hot coco from it earlier tonight.

Ok that's all for tonight. Hopefully more pics and patterns to come soon!


  1. I can't wait for your pattern! The hearts are so cute! You are amazing knitter! I am excited to see you again @ Steph's wedding!

  2. aw thanks! do you knit?! very exciting if you do :)

    See you at the wedding!