September 21, 2011


 I've been itching to decorate for Christmas, honestly...since I moved into our apartment back in January.  I've been able to hold off because I knew it was too early in January, then I was busy with wedding planning.  As Christmas draws closer the only thing keeping me from covering the place in red and green is decorating for other holidays first.  Oh, and David would disown me.  I've had some of these decorations for over a month but I knew it was too early for even Halloween.  I didn't even mean to put everything up yesterday, it just sort of happened.

The above ghost is from Target and I just couldn't pass him up.  I'm not into creepy decor but I love cute.  Plus, I grew up with snowmen made of the same clear rubbery stuff and he made me feel all nostalgic :)

The below spider has been painted and ready to hang for at least a month.

handpainted spider
 Here's a basic shot of our mantle.  The lighting in the morning is weird so all you get right now is an instagram pic from my phone.  There are also orange, purple, and green lights above this that go down each side of our mantle.  The lower garland is made of felt polka dots I cut out and sewed together.  The garland above the wreath is just glittery purple pom poms strung on black yarn.  The wreath is covered with more of the same purple glitz and some orange and black ornaments.

mantle decor
Finally having my own mantle to decorate should keep my holiday whims from barfing all over the apartment, ha.  I hope to get some better pics later, but we'll see. :)

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  1. That is adorable! I love decorating for holidays too. I don't have much Halloween stuff though, but was thinking about hitting up Home Goods closer to the actual date :) Your mantle looks great!