September 16, 2011

My little Chu

his new morning spot
 Chuy is almost a year and a half he's still such a little puppy to me.  I may be partial but I think he's the cutest thing on the planet.  For a long time he wasn't snuggly at all but now he is and it just makes him that much more lovable.  He curls up close to me on the couch, while I'm sleeping, and especially in the morning before I get out of bed.  I tend to get up late almost every morning now because of his absurd cuteness!

Aside from Chuy's puppy-like looks, he's also crazy smart.  I'm convinced he knows the entire english language.  David doesn't agree, but I know my Chu.  Here's a list of commands that he knows instantly:
  • time to get up = time to jump out of bed instantly
  • want to go outside? = ready for David to take you out? :)
  • out! = go sit outside the door to whatever room we are in
  • where's your ____? = go get that toy and bring it to me!
  • do you want a treat Chuy? = yummy snausage!!
  • bedtime! = go sit by the bedroom door then jump on our bed when we open said door
  • come here now! = hang your head and slowly walk to me after doing something bad
  • get down = get off couch/bed/me

He also knows most of his toys by name, and learned them within a day.  His favorite is this blue hollow rubber ball I found at's awesome.  He also really loves these Sonic tot characters I have.  We have several: fishy, flamingo (pinky), bat, scuba diver...we don't have a name for this one, ha.  We also call his rawhides twists.  If I say "where's your twist?" he goes crazy looking for one.

he likes to watch all the birds
Ok I'll stop gushing about my super cute, super smart pup.  I just realized most of my chuy posts were just pics and I hadn't talked about him on here.  I love him and he makes our little family complete.  David likes to call him names but I know he loves him too...except when Chuy pounces on him :)

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