January 19, 2012

I think I'm ready to get back in the swing of things!

Hello blog land!

I have been a bit absent from this area of my life the past month of so.  Life gets real busy for me in December with crafting, Christmas singing, family gatherings and this year a road trip to Georgia for a friend's wedding and more singing.

This made for nearly a week of laying around like a bum doing nothing but snuggling with my pup, watching netflix, reading on my ipad, and basically training to be a world-class sloth.  It was awesome.  At one point I was seriously wondering if I was pregnant because my energy was just zapped and I craved chips and salsa all the time.  ALL the time!  I'm not, don't get excited if you're one of those out there picketing for a baby Wall as soon as possible (coughsophiecough).

A few relaxing days at home with the hubs and getting back on my iron pills to combat some anemia have really been the best cure.  We finally got the Christmas tree and decor taken down and now I'm excited to decorate the apartment more and have a few craft projects waiting to be done and then documented here.  My goal this year is to really get better at putting my crafting ventures on here.  I mean I know Chuy the poodle is the cutest creature alive but there's only so many pictures I'm sure you want to see of him.  For every chuy post I hope to have a craft post.

On that note...here's a cute, blurry pic of Chuy playing with his dead raccoon stuffy...

I have two knit monsters at home waiting to have some eyes attached to their empty heads then stuffed.  Then I have to sew appendages on, which is where I really slow down, I hate finishing, so tedious.  Hopefully these will be done soon and photographed for your viewing pleasure.  Also hopefully soon because they were totally both intended as Christmas gifts....oops!


  1. My dogs have that same toy :) Glad you're back to feeling better and blogging again!

    1. Chuy didn't know what to do with it at first but he thrashes it around like a pro now :)