January 23, 2012

Shiny tealy goodness

Here's my first decorating project post-Christmas.  This sad dark little mini hallway is just a nook between the guest bathroom and our craft/music room.  There's no direct light to it, no color, and no cheer.  It's been easily overlooked during the past year.  We did have a canvas we glued some stuff to on a church family retreat hanging here but neither of us liked it and so it came down without hesitation.

An old, sad, white mirror one of my old roommates bought in our dorm days had been sitting on the floor with the intention of being hung by the front door for a few months.  When I held it up in its planned place neither David or I liked it there.  We looked around and decided it could replace the old canvas thing in the little nook.

We got it hung and liked it but the colorless area still looked dead.  While getting a canvas for a jewelry holder (coming soon!) I picked up some long skinny ones to play with for this area.  I also bought some cup hooks and awesome turquoise spray paint.  

Skip ahead a day and Ta-da! The little splash of color did the trick perfectly!   I painted the canvas the same color as the mirror, then added 3 cup hooks and stapled on some white ribbon with sparkly silver dots for some added punch.  I originally thought about painting some fun design but decided the area needed something simpler...and sparklier :)

Now, I can't wait to start on some of my other projects around here...and see what else I can spray paint turquoise!

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