January 30, 2012

what I did this weekend...

You guessed it, I knit owls this weekend.  I went out and bought some more after work on Friday and then set to it when I got home.  The yellow one was a custom order, the pink/navy a gift, and the green a potential gift this week.  The little one is my favorite of them all.  He's only 2 inches tall and so light and soft.  I've never knit on needles that small (size 2s I believe, but they may be 3s...I can't find my needle gauge thingy...and I have 2...) but it was fun!  I bought the aqua yarn with plans of making some more headbands while testing a pattern I wrote and hope to sell on ravelry in the next month or so.  

Enjoy the cute phone pics I took and stay tuned for some other crafts soon!

he's only 2" tall!

sunshine owl

traffic light?

for sophie