January 23, 2012

new project!

 I've been searching for some kind of jewelry hanger for my necklaces ever since we got married.  There seem to be many options out there for a counter top jewelry display, but not many at all to mount on the wall.  I wanted something fun but not ridiculous.  I eventually gave up and put 3 nails in the wall next to our medicine cabinet and hung my headbands and necklaces there...and groaned every time I saw it.

yay for blurry pics
I was perusing pinterest last week and saw a picture of a canvas with some hooks on the bottom that someone was selling on etsy.  It looked simple enough and I thought I can totally do that for my necklaces!

The next day we went to Michael's and I bought an 8x10 canvas and some smaller/longer ones for some other crafting experiments (see my mini hall makeover from the other day).  I had the soft gray fabric on hand already and picked the hooks up at Lowes.  I simply cut the fabric to be a few inches larger than the canvas, stretched it around and stapled with our little staple gun.  I then added 2 strips of thin white ribbon for a little pizzaz.  I was going to find a patterned fabric but decided that might be too much with necklaces hanging in front.  I like the simplicity the ribbon adds.  Fianlly I screwed 9 hooks in.  These were a mother to get in!  The first one was easy, then they started getting dumb.  I think some were screwed through a knot in the wood, and others through the layers where the corners are held together in the wood frame.  Needless to say, my fingers were sore after the final hook.

To hang it in our bathroom I simply put 2 nails in the wall and set the top of the frame on them. I figured it's not holding a lot and is very likely to get bumped where it is so no need for a more complex hanging device.
ribbon detail
I love how this turned out, as simple as it is, and I can't wait to figure something else out for all my hair flowers and bows.  They're about to fall off the ribbon I have them hanging on and I want more storage room so I can make more :)

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  1. That is a great idea! I've been looking for something to do for jewelry that could hang on the back of my (very tiny and flimsy) closet doors. Will have to keep this in mind :)