January 11, 2009

back in Texas!

As I stated before, I thought my bout with strep was over...hmm. My dr suggested that I could've had a cold/virus at the same time as the strep which is why it seemed the antibiotics weren't working. I never felt 100% and near the end of my New Orleans trip I came down with what I'm pretty sure is bronchitis. Luckily it wasn't till the last day, and I had my good friend nyquil to knock me out on the 9 hour drive home :) Now I'm finally over the awful cough but I can't hear out my right ear. It's either majorly congested or I have an ear infection. Ah well. Just want to be better by the time classes start on the 20th.
Other than being sick it was a wonderful trip. I love how God reveals to me how personally He knows who I am and the gifts I have to offer. Example: I spent a few hours one day repairing a mattress that had ripped. I got to sit upstairs alone, listening to thrice, and sewing 1/4 of a mattress seam back together. I felt God's deep personal love for me in those hours.

I think we're going back in May to help the mission get ready for summer VBS groups. I can't wait to go back and visit with fellow brothers and sisters!
What would a trip be without a knitting project? I finally started my MeMaw's Christmas beret. I was worried about it at first but once I finished it last night it came out quite lovely. I gave it to her this morning so she could wear to church and she loved it :)

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