January 24, 2009

a good night

I didn't do a thing craft related today (aside from packing yarn to bring home for weekend knitting).

Instead, I spent most of the afternoon with David. Came home to Austin and saw MeMaw before my parents were going to take her home. She hasn't been home in two months and I know she was ready to be there. Quick trip to Hobby Lobby for ribbon which was then used to fix some pants for a little girl I know (oops I guess I did sew today). Grocery store with David. We came home and he made steak and a burger for me, and Texas toast. I made some homemade waffle fries which were yummy. We watched Igor and Max Payne. Both excellent movies.

It was a great night. It's typically what we end up doing for Valentine's Day actually. David cooks me dinner and we go to or rent a movie and just spend time together at home, no gifts (unless I can't help myself and make him something), and he buys me a rose. I like that we can show our love without being told to do so by a Holiday. I still like Valentine's Day. The world is very pink and red and love is focused on for a while. If only we could all focus on love the rest of the year....Christ's love.

I have pictures of the nap mat I made and some of the little girl's reaction. Can't wait to show yall tomorrow. It will also be my 50th post. crazy!

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