January 31, 2009

post 50...really?!

So I'm awful at posting when I say I'm going to. I'd like to say I'll get better, but we'll see, heh.

As I said in my last post, I have pictures of the nap mat I made for a little girl named Abigail. She's the little sister of one of my best friends, his family adopted her from China about 2 years ago and she's precious. Her mom contacted me and wanted me to make her a cute girly nap mat for her at pre-school. I already had a pattern for a cute roll up mat so I agreed.

Then finals, Christmas, mania, sickness, New Orleans and life in general got in the way and it took me forever to get back to the project. I got my focus back after returning from New Orleans and quickly found everything for the mat.

I found this cute pink fabric at Hobby Lobby with brown, blue, green, orange, and hot pink flowers all over it. The blanket is made of a matching light pink minkie fabric. I got her name monogrammed on some hot pink fabric and sewed it on the outside of the mat too.

I used this tutorial as a guide for measurements. I ended up using 3 layers of batting instead of foam so the whole thing could just be washed. I also used webbing for the strap instead of elastic.

Her mom sent me pictures of Abigail's reaction when she got the mat and I love it! Moments like that are why I love sewing for people so much. I also made a scarf out of some of the leftover minkie fleece and gave to her. Of course I forgot to get pictures of that.

So can you believe this is my 50th post?! I feel like I haven't posted enough to be at 50 but I am. Not sure how many people read this though. I know some of you see these posted on facebook, but how many of you actually read this on blogger? Leave a comment for me and let me know! Also let me know if there's anything I make or write about that you particularly like. I would like to make a bunch of things and start selling them (pre-made as opposed to only custom orders like I've been doing) but I'm not sure what would sell best, or what yall want.

Ok, hope to hear from everyone! :)


  1. I read your posts on Blogger...sort of. I read your posts via RSS on my feedreader.:)