May 13, 2013

for the moms

For Mother's Day this year I decided something cute and small would be fun. The Purl Bee's flower sachets have been on my to-make list for a while so I picked them. I had all the felt and fabric I needed so I started playing with colors last week. Both my mom and David's mom like teals, blues and purples so their sachet sets turned out very similar. The pictures here are of David's mom's set. The ones I made for my mom all have a solid dark purple squares with white, dark and light aqua petals, backed with teal and white fabric. Theirs are pretty much just opposite teal and purple.

They're filled with rice and I added drops of scented oils: cinnamon, lavender, strawberry, and vanilla. The cotton fabric on the backs is thin enough that the small comes out enough to make any small space smell yummy.

The moms loved them. Now I need to make some for our home because they smell so good!! I've been working on a lot...stay tuned :)

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