May 17, 2013

Until the whole world hears

This weekend David and I are leading worship for the orientation and commissioning services for Go Now Missions in Dallas. This is the same organization that sent me on 3 summer mission trips around the world and David on one. Our journeys with Go Now are a huge part of our story as a couple so we love being able to be a part of the organization after our college years.

It was when I was flying home from my first overseas mission experience in northern Germany in 2005 that I felt a strong calling towards leading worship and being involved in ministry beyond regular church attendance. Two years later I spent an entire summer in the mountains of Montana as a worship leader for a small church. Now, eight years after that first calling I have the awesome opportunity to lead worship with my husband for the agency that was such a pivotal part of my ministry journey.

Also, many of the students I work with will be there and are getting ready to be sent all over the world. Such a cool thing to witness!

Pray that we are able to get out of the way and let God use us this weekend and for the hearts of all the students preparing to go. The nations are ready and waiting!

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