May 29, 2013


David and I both enjoy going out and seeing people, live music, movies, and being outside. We're also homebodies though. When we're tired or just want to relax, the best remedy is to just hang out together at home.

This led to our slight snap decision to go out and buy a new couch this past weekend. We'd talked about it before but decided our old futon was fine. Well...finally it just wasn't fine anymore. Plus, I'll be spending a lot of time home on the couch in a few weeks so we decided it was time for a big purchase.

We decided pretty quickly on this awesome corner sofa in light grey from ikea and we love it! It's comfy, there's room for both of us to stretch out and Chuy thinks its pretty cool too.

After getting the sofa into our third floor apartment we were inspired to finally clean up the living/dining area of our home. Now all that's left is organizing and cleaning up our studio. I love how this apartment becomes home more and more each day. Enjoy some pics :)

Chuy loves the new sofa
Do you see a little friend?


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