September 11, 2012

an update

 I realize I wrote a lengthy post about changing my eating habits a few months ago and never gave an update.  Well, here it is...

As of yesterday I've officially lost 20 pounds, and it feels great!  I'm 2/3s of the way to my original goal, though I do want to lose more than that.  I didn't want to set some crazy goal and then it be really hard and get frustrated and give up.  I know myself.  It took me a little over 4 months to get here and it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Here's my big diet ready?

Think.  That's it.  Use some logic when eating and it's really easy.  I've looked up a lot of the foods I was eating and that's all it took to change my habits.  If chicken strips at a restaurant are 1000 calories don't order them.  Don't eat 5 pieces of free bread before your meal.  Don't guzzle down soda after soda because there are free refills.  These were all autopilot eating habits I had and I've been working on breaking them all.

We eat more food from scratch at home including sweet potatoes, homemade waffles, rice and beans, fresh tortillas, clean meats, fish and lots of fresh fruit.  I eat a pear every day and David has at least two apples at work each day.  I was having a green shake every morning for a while and that's slowed down.  It was good for the first 2 months though.  The biggest thing I did to help myself was restarting my metabolism by eating smaller meals and snacking all day.  I feel like I'm actually eating more food than I used to but it's good food and my body is burning through it like crazy. I've even been craving and having small amounts of chocolate on a regular basis, which is strange since I'm not a huge chocolate fan. (No, I'm not pregnant)

This past weekend we went out and I found some new jeans.  I don't let myself get hung up on sizes but it was pretty nice to go down a size from what I bought last year before the wedding and before I gained a lot of this weight. I even got some black skinny jeans which I love now!

Alright, you probably won't get another update on my weight goal until I reach it...if I remember to post about it, ha.

That post about the pink owls is still coming soon though so stay tuned!

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