September 7, 2012

love it or leave it: burlap

You've heard of pinterest right?  Of course you have.

I love it, mostly to organize my crafting inspirations and ideas.  I was already a big blog and craft site enthusiast, but saving bookmarks wasn't cutting it as a good organizing strategy.  Most times I'd just forget where I saved an idea or what the idea was in the the first place.

I do have some issues with pinterest though.  Lies.  There are so many lies on there!  Probably not intentional, but people see something that looks genius and repin it, not bothering to think about or look into the validity of a craft claim.  For example, homemade mod podge; you just can't mix water and elmers's not the same.  Also, all these random facts, most of them are just completely made up and it honestly amuses me that so many people fall for them.  Oh, Pinterest.

Now that all that is out of my system I can move on to what this post is really about.  I want to do a weekly post about popular crafting trends on pinterest. This isn't a judging post, just my personal likes and dislikes. You can agree or disagree, and comment away, I love it!

This week: burlap

There are SO many crafts involving burlap.  I have a few friends that love the stuff so I see a lot of pins with it.  It's not bad, but honestly I just hate burlap.  It's scratchy, messy, frays like crazy, and mostly it's brown.  I don't like brown.  When it comes to neutrals I prefer a good grey or straight up black.  They make colored burlap you say?  No thanks.  Still all the other issues. Not to say I don't think there are some great uses if you're a fan, because there are and my friends have used it in great ways. Burlap, you're just not my thing.

Leave it.


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