September 27, 2012

Love it or Leave it: embroidery hoop crafts

Today's love it or leave it: embroidery hoops

Specifically, wooden embroidery hoops. The plastic and metal ones are nice and can be convenient for actual embroidery, but the wooden ones look nicer and can be more versatile in my opinion. I mean as a craft supply and not just a frame to hold your material taught for embroidering purposes. I do like the look of leaving fabric in embroidery hoops instead of regular frames too though.

Here are some ideas I've pinned and think are pretty nifty:

I have yet to make any of these but I like all of them and would gladly have them hanging in my home or use them.  I have used a large 14" embroidery hoop to make two baby mobiles. The inner hoop was used for the sailboat mobile and the outer ring was used for the owls.  The metal bits were cut off the outer hoop.  Both were painted and have felt wrapped around the outside to give a softer look and bring the whole look together.

So, when it comes to embroidery hoop crafting...

LOVE it!

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