September 25, 2012

knit gnome

tiny little knit gnome
A friend and co-worker of mine will be moving to South East Asia for the next two years to be a Journeyman.  I'm super excited for her but will miss her around here.  We had a staff dinner last week and some of us said nice things to her, gave cards and so on.  I got it in my head that day at work that I could knit her something small after work and before dinner.  I found this gnome pattern and knew it would be pretty simple and the perfect little travel companion for her while she tours the world.  

There was a construction delay when trying to leave work.

Then I didn't have skin colored yarn so I had to go to hobby lobby.

Then there was traffic.

Then once home Chuy wanted to snuggle and lay on my knitting.

Then my dad called.

I managed to get this little guy knit in a little over an hour and was only a little late to dinner (though I got there right when our group was I like to think I was perfectly on time).

She loved him and I already have plans to knit some more.  I found a lady gnome variation and I foresee some cute little Clauses for Christmas this year!

Chuy isn't sure what to think of this little guy

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