November 18, 2011

day 18: GoNow missions

I am thankful for Go Now Missions today.  This is the organization I went on 3 mission trips through; Norden, Germany - Kila, Montana - and Prince Rupert, BC, Canada.  Each one was a very unique experience and i loved them all, though there were some very hard and emotional times in some of them.

I was totally going to write a little blurb about each trip I did through go now, but right now I'm honestly too tired to delve into those emotional pits.  I loved each place I went and I truly hope to visit them again with David in the future. 

Every place I went was cold and beautiful and nothing like my Austin home.  I have a special connection in my heart to the Pacific Northwest because of my two summers spent up there.  Watching any of the Twilight movies (I know, I know) makes me nostalgic for those places.  This is partly why we chose Vancouver as our honeymoon destination, I just had to be able to share the beauty of that area with David.  Lucky for me he loves cold rainy places.

I love how Go Now encourages college students to be faithful to God's calling and to go, now!  Go to their site and see all the amazing places students are taking the gospel to, it's so great.  I love that the BSM helps raise money to support go now and I get to be a part of an organization I loved to much in my college years even now. 

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  1. How was your mission trip to Germany? I studied abroad there last summer and I am going back next spring. I am going to Central America through GoNow this summer. I am very interested in hearing about your mission trip in Germany. Feel free to email me if that would be better. My name is Cynthia and my email is