November 2, 2008

november day 2

so i thought i'd try participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) this year. Might be a bit difficult since this is mostly a crafting blog but maybe I'll be inspired to craft everyday!

i'm trying to think of a few more animals to make into stuffies like foxxy and mr. bear. David's mom suggested a frog, and I figure a bunny could be cute. let me know if yall have any suggestions. they're pretty flat so some animals would be pretty difficult or not fit into the style i'm going for.

i got fabric for a diaper bag i'm going to be making this week. i've never made a diaper bag before but i think i have it pretty well planned in my head. it will be a variation of my pocket purse i've made a few of. here is a semi accurate shot of the fabrics. it's night time so it's the best i could do :-P
the brown is a cotton print i found at hobby lobby. i ordered the pink and white polka dot oil cloth on ebay for the lining. the pink fleece is also from hobby lobby and is going to be a baby blanket and a mr. bear!

i want to make lots of little stuffies, though i'm afraid i'll fall in love with each one and never want to sell them or give them away :)

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