November 15, 2008

so much to do..

I finally finished MeMaw's hat while I was visiting her at the hospital yesterday. It turned out much better than I was expecting. When she woke up I gave it to her and she loved it. It fit right over her bandage. i did have to take the ribbon off after a few minutes because it was putting too much pressure on her bandages and staples. Once all the swelling goes down and the bandages come off it can go back on. It looks great on her and the edge cuts the glare of all the hospital lights for her. Her eyes have been bothering her for a while now and bright lights are too much.

All in all it turned out perfect! It fits perfectly. The color looks fabulous on her. It's soft. It makes her eyes more comfortable. Awesome :)

I have another long day ahead of me. David is going to go to the hospital with me again today to see MeMaw and hopefully catch my cousin and her 3 kiddos there too. Actually my whole family on my mom's side should be there. My mom, her sister and 2 brothers, cousin, her kids, me and my sister. It's like Christmas and our gift is a healthy MeMaw!

After the hospital David and I have an engagement dinner to go to. So excited to see Steph and Bo and spend some time with them.

Oh AND the low tonight is like 33. yay!


  1. Saw this on Craftster and it turned out wonderfully! I hope your grandmother feels better soon.

  2. I really like your hat! :D I it on craftster.

  3. thanks so much! She got to come home today, so I'm sure she's feeling much better just getting out of the hospital.

  4. Great hat! Hope everything is well with your grandma.