November 3, 2008

some random stitches

It's nice to be home after a day full of exams. Family & Personal Resource Management, Consumer Law, and Food Systems...whew!

I had to use my jump drive today to print something at school and I thought some kind of strap on it would be nice to make it easier to find in my bag. Of course this distracted me from my tests and all I could think about was sewing, heh. As soon as I got home I remembered this tutorial which inspired me, found some scraps and whipped one up! I love simple quick projects. So gratifying.

I tend to go in phases of sewing a lot, then knitting a lot, then sewing a lot, maybe some painting...and it continues. Lately has been a sewing phase. I've also done a bit of knitting and completely failed to post any pictures of it. A few are small toys, remember..i like instant gratification :) I also knit a scarf with some Noro in color 182 that my roommate got for me in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I only had one skein so it took me a while to think of something to make with it. I thought I'd try a simple lace scarf and I love it. Onto the visuals..
blue birdie

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