November 7, 2008


missed a day already.

yesterday was eventful but also relaxing and laid back. i love that combo. get to feel rested without feeling lazy. beautiful.

i got my pink mr. bear done yesterday afternoon. my camera battery is near dead s no pics tonight. I might wait till I get the whole set done to post pics actually. a teaser though...bigger ears, way cute!

Today, i got the last of the fabrics I needed for the diaper bag and cut the main pieces out. i got tired of it for some reason and turned to knitting MeMaw's hat instead. I finished the lace on the brim and am nearly done with the loops for the ribbon tie. Had to stop because my fingers are achey. I wish i could figure out how to prevent that, guess it's the size 4 needles.

Battery is gonna die soon and I'm too lazy to plug this in. Till tomorrow...

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