November 1, 2008

snap snap snap

who is that?

i can't believe it's november! and it's not even cold outside...makes me miss northern BC a lot.
halloween was fun. spent the night on a double costume date as a beatnik with my boy(i knit that scarf and beret!) and one of our fave couples...
fred and wilma!

i shopped all day for supplies for a custom order then spent the early evening making a pattern for a teddy bear.
you can kind of see my foxxy pattern behind the bear. not sure what to name my bear yet, hopefully it'll come to me. anyways...i introduce to you mr.bear.
i finished him today after a women's brunch at church. i actually made him as a prototype for a little bear i'm going to include in a baby gift. she'll be light pink and chocolate brown. hope to have her done this week :)

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