March 25, 2009

a birthday bouquet

My dear roommate, Alyssa, is 21 today! She too is a knitter and crafty gal so I wasn't sure what to make her as a gift. I thought for a bit and had the idea to make a little bouquet of hand sewn felt flowers.

I ran to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect vase, some yellow buttons for the flowers (i know i know, i have a lot of buttons, but i oddly don't have many yellow ones...anyways), and some olive green pipecleaners.

I got back to my apartment and sat at my sewing table and just stared at my felt for a while. I wanted to limit my color palette before I just started attacking the stack with my scissors. I decided on mostly blues, greens, and yellows. I did have purple in there too but omitted it pretty early on.

It took me a couple hours while watching something on tv that I can't remember now. I made two big flowers using blue, cobalt, and turquoise, both backed in white. The little flowers make me think of dandelions or daisies. They're yellow and gold with some white stitches. The little green sprouts fill in space and add color. Those are all random green buttons from my collection. I love how each flower and sprout each has its own personality :)

I finished in the wee hours of the morning and placed them in the little blue vase. I found a perfectly matching goldenrod ribbon and tied it around the top. I left it on the dining table with a little card for her to find when she woke up. I probably won't get to see her today but I'm glad I got wish her a happy birthday this morning with these cheery flowers.

An upside to making these is I got to practice for what I hope to make my wedding bouquet out of someday. I have a small stash of special buttons set aside just for this reason. I intend to make some more of these sweet little bouquets as gifts, maybe mothers day? Mom, forget I said that :)

If you'd like some of these for your home or to give someone special shoot me an email and we can discuss colors and I can work out a good price for you.

Ok off to brave this crazy weather and go sing!

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