March 17, 2009


I posted a few days ago that I've started knitting a blanket. I ran out of the white homespun yarn and had to go buy more. I figured since it was white the dye lot wouldn't matter so much, which is true. But. The yarn just looks different. The newer stuff is shinier and not quite as fluffy feeling. It's weird. It's knitting up mostly the same but slightly thinner feeling. I just laid it out flat and the change is pretty obvious, maybe because I'm a knitting freak, ha.

Even though this is a stash buster project, I'm sad it's not going to be all the same. Part of me even wants to rip part of it out and see if I can find some homespun that matches better. hmmmm.

I think I'll work on my lace scarf for a while and think it over.

If you're not a knitter I'm sure this was painfully boring :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a knitter, but it wasn't painfully boring :P

    Well I did knit a scarf back in high school for Home Econ, but that was different. I tried picking up my knitting needles waaaay back, but went 'doh' as soon as I did the first line (I've no idea what you call it). I need to learn again. :)