March 9, 2009

some gifts

I knit some more of my hearts up. This time I used them to decorate a gift! They're in Stephanie's wedding colors and hung on the gift I made for her bachelorette party. No, I didn't make lingerie. I don't have those kind of skills, ha.

I made her a little black vinyl clutch. I love the clutch I made myself back in the fall so I figured I'd make her one. There's a few firsts for me in this piece. I made the strap removable with a snap so it can be worn on the wrist or just thrown in a bigger bag.

I also made piping for the first time! It probably would've turned out better if I'd done it right and cut the fabric on the bias, but oh well. I really like the little splash of color it gives the clutch. I also like how it shows up a bit on the small outside zipper pocket.

The inside fabric was a great find too! I just love it. When I went to Hobby Lobby to pick it out I was on the hunt for something with blue, green or purples (her fave colors). I saw this and knew it was perfect. The green matches our bridesmaids dresses and aqua is another one of her colors.

She seemed to like it and I hope it holds up well. I enjoyed making it and intend on making myself a vinyl one soon :)


  1. Hi! I am sitting here randomly clicking on, "next blog" at the top of the screen. So, i happened upon yours. Just want you to know that i absolutely LOVE your crafts! Especially the little vinal bag you made for your friend! So cute! Do you ever sell these? I'm a school teacher in West Texas. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Thanks so much sage61! I do sell my crafts actually. I'm hoping to get some stuff up on etsy soon but I also take custom orders. You can email me if you'd like something made.

    Yay for a Texan! :)