March 28, 2009

plans a brewin

My parents are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary this weekend are are spending it out of town together. I'm spending the weekend at home in Austin with the house all to myself (when David isn't here of course). So how am I taking advantage of a house to myself at 3:45am?

I'm watching The Little Mermaid tv show on the disney channel. Yup. Wouldn't believe I'm almost 24, eh? Speaking of growing up, I only have two or three more classes till I graduate! Finally. What will I do with my degree? Hopefully sew, knit, and create all day long and sing all the time. Someone will pay me full time for that (and benefits of course!) right?

I have a few projects brewing. One small simple handsewing project to give as a gift. Some Easter knits to give those that are special in my life. I also want to knit a fun little shrug/croppec cardigan for Steph's wedding. My bridesmaid dress is sleeveless and has a V front and back. It looks great but I know myself and have no doubt I'll get a bit chilly with no sleeves in the outdoor evening air during the reception.

I searched all afternoon online for a good free pattern but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. So, I found something close and I'll be hacking the pattern up and pretty much creating my own. If it works out I might type it up, we'll see.

I still need to write out my little heart pattern. hmmm.

And flowers. I want to make lots and lots more flowers!

Also if anyone would like to place an order for a clutch, flower hair pin, felt bouquet, or anything else I've posted about in here let me know. I'd love to work with you on an order :)

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