March 10, 2009


Viva seems to be the theme of this post. Viva colorway in red heart yarn that is. I got two skeins of it a couple years ago to make a purse and when I started knitting it up I hated it. One of those yarns that looks great in a roll but the color scheme looks funky all knit up.

So, it just sat in a basket/bag/drawer for a while. I'd pull it out every once in a while and then shove it back. Poor thing. Then in my search for fun flowers to knit I remembered my viva. I wanted some variegated yarn for the center that would go with the sungold I was using. I pulled it out and the colors went well. I knit it up and loved it. Probably because you can just see a little swirl of the colors.

Then for some reason (I didn't want to do my homework) I thought it'd be fun to start a blanket to knit when I'm bored. It's nice to have a mindless project to knit away on while watching tv or when I'm too sleepy for increases, shaping, yo's and all that fun stuff.

The only yarns a I had a lot of was the viva and some white lion brand homespun. The white has no dye lot so I knew I could easily go buy more when this runs out...and it will. It's not the softest combo but I think it will be snuggly and will soften up once I wash it.

Ok back to knitting :)

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