March 16, 2009

lime clutch!

This post will be short with lots of pics.

I made a new clutch for myself Friday night out of some lime green vinyl I had leftover from a wallet I made. I just pulled out my bag of zippers and picked out some colors I liked with the green. I then figures a simple white lining with black gingham for the pockets and coin pocket would be good. I also dug through my button collection for some to adorn the front. I love the color combo. Oh I also added some darts to the bottom corners to make the bottom wider. It helps keep the shape better when it's full of my junk. Oh and I put some of that embroidery plastic stuff in the card pocket to keep it more stable and so far it's working great!

If anyone would like to order one of these I'm selling them for $35. The only option I have for the outside is black if you want it in vinyl, but I have lots of color options for zippers and the inside. Email me or comment and I can get on that :)


  1. I'm absolutely in love with this clutch! Those are beautiful colors and details. It gives out this whole vintage/very much loved vibe.

    Hopefully I get to make something like this... :-/ I'm a noob with sewing and I don't want to get ahead of myself. I need to start with something small and simple! :)

  2. Aw thanks! I totally got that vintage feel as soon as I paired the gingham with the gold and teal :)

    Zippered pouches are much easier than they look, start with those then you can slowly make them fancier.