April 7, 2009

ah well..

I never finished my little cardigan. I'm giving my fingers a rest from those tiny needles. Regardless of my lack of cardigan, the wedding was fabulous!! Stephanie was beautiful and it was a great time of family, friends, and community getting together to show our love for The new Guilbeauxs! I got to see a bunch of kids from our old church that are all grown up now. It made me feel old, ha.

David and I got to sing for them during the ceremony, which I loved! I used to sing Steph to sleep in our Baylor days when I'd practice for voice lessons or choir. She managed to stay awake this time :)

To replace my cardigan knitting I've taken to knitting little bunnies for Easter! They're adorable little things. I've gotten 3 all knit up, just need to stuff and sew them up. Fun way to stash bust or feel good about knitting something in less than hour.

I'll hopefully have a pic later tonight :)

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