April 18, 2009

a raibow of stitches

I used to make these cute little totes when I first started out making purses. My skills have advanced and I don't make as many totes anymore, though I think they're great!

When working at my church last year we cleaned out some closets and I found a little store bought yellow tote that was going to be thrown away. I knew I could do something with it so I brought it home. Around the same time I decided to pick up embroidering again. The yellow bag seemed the perfect canvas for it.

I started last semester or maybe in the summer sometime then just put it down and forgot about it. I needed something to carry my magnet project to class the other day so I stayed up late, finished the embroidery, took the badly sewn bag apart, lined it, found new handles, and put it all back together. I love it! It's the perfect size for carrying around my small projects.

It's also bright and cheery. I realize the embroidery on both sides don't really have anything to do with each other, but ah well. The main intention was to practice my chain stitch.

Stuff for my shop coming soon!

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