April 14, 2009

oh sun

So, my creative juices tend to flow at night. I'm a night owl, I've always been one, don't foresee ever not being one really. It's not really a big problem, I get a lot done! But I have noticed one downside lately. Since blogging and trying to take more pictures of my work I've come across an issue...

There's no sunlight at 2am.

I kinda need that big ball of burning gas to get good light for my pics.

I have 2 projects I want to post about tonight but they're both very colorful and picture horribly! I guess I won't be showing yall till tomorrow. Well tomorrow is busy, maybe not till thursday.

What I really need is for David to make me a light box to take all my pics in :)

Coming soon: embroidery, tote, yellow, magnets, tacks, felt, rainbow...oh my!

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