April 28, 2009


Aren't these fun?! I made them for David's mom for her birthday. She loves color like I do so I thought a brightly colored bouquet would be perfect for her. It was fun to play with colors and see how just a different colored button could change the entire look of a flower.

I want to make another one for myself and just carry it around everywhere I go. Why is it you can only carry flowers and wear pretty things in your hair on your wedding day?

I seemed to have gotten a lot done last night (not including school work..oops!) I finished knitting a market bag I started last week. I finally finished my little cousin Kenneth's Christmas present. Yes, I said Christmas. I made him a cute little drawstring backpack with fabric from the movie cars. I hope to mail it to him this week. Everyone loves a surprise package in the mail right?

I also managed to find these cute tin containers for an order of my magnets & tacks. The lid is clear and so cute. I have three more so I might store some of my notions in them.

Today I finished another mr bear jr keychain in lime and teal. Hopefully I'll get a picture tomorrow before I send it off.

I feel like there's more I need to be working on. Oh yeah, those two tests and paper due tomorrow. ugh.


  1. Yeah!! That's MY mr bear keychain!! Thanks again!! :)

  2. when you get married, you should have your bridesmaids hold flowers like that :)

  3. Dani you know me too well! I'm going to make my bouquet and all my bridesmaids' like this in whatever colors i pick at the time :)