April 13, 2009

foxxy jr.

My sister's had a hard semester with school, theatre, health issues, and stupid people in general. Some of you may remember the foxxy I made her in the fall to cheer her up when she hurt her foot. Well I decided she needed a smaller version to fit in her pocket or hang on something.

I pulled out the pattern I drew for foxxy and free-handed a smaller version. It's only about 2 inches tall this time. I decided felt was the best material; doens't fray, easy to cut details and great for handsewing. I stuck with her fave colors of green and grey.

He was pretty simple to make. Just drew the pattern and cut it out, traced it onto my felt and cut those out. Then I embroidered the face and heart on the butt (my fave part I think). It's all sewn together with a simple blanket stitch and stuffed with a little bit of batting.

I gave it to her yesterday (saturday) and she loved it! I've already drawn up a mini version of mr. bear and hope to whip up a few this week. If anyone wants to order one in come custom colors let me know, I'd love to make you one. I'm not sure on the price yet, I'm going to try and time how long all the hand stitching takes on the next one.

Hopefully pics of my easter presents will be coming soon!

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