April 21, 2009

finally finally finally!

I finally did it!

I set up my etsy shop a while back but never got around to listing any items in it. Well I just spend a few hours taking pics, editing pics, listing, describing, etc. some great things.

All 12 of my mr bear key rings are up and ready to sell. Remember those wine glass IDs I made forever ago? They're up now!

I'm excited/nervous/anxious to wait and see how they sell. If you liked any of them go pick one up. They'd make great gifts too! If you don't like any of the color combos let me know and I can do custom orders easily.

Aside from the shop, aren't these bears cute?! I love their simplicity and how all the different color combos make them look so unique and different.

Also, I'm making custom sets of my magnets & tacks for anyone who would like to order a set. I can do any combination of small and large magnets and tacks. These will make a great mother's day gift (19 days away!)

Ok now go and buy a cute bear :)

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