April 14, 2009


I think these bunnies explain themselves. Cute cute cute! :)

I love how the variegated bunny looks like a ninja b/c of where the yellow ended up. That last one (which is burnt orange) is Steph's and the shape of the ears looks like a hook'em to me :)


  1. I absolutely love this pattern and tried to make one - but I had problems with the ears - so I made them in I-cord instead - I think my yarn and needles were too small. I can't wait to try again with a bigger gauge yarn.

    Thanks again for sharing such a cute pattern

  2. Yeah those dpn's can be tricky with so few stitches! I want to make one with bulky yarn, I think it'd be super cuddly :)

  3. i wanted to make these...they are so cute...and to have a whole army of them...wow!

  4. These bunnies are adorable! I saw someone mention a pattern...is there one on your blog? I can't find it :( I would love to make some for my friend who is having a baby girl soon :) Thanks!

  5. I posted a link to the pattern in my craftster post. Here's the link to the pattern :)