November 10, 2011

day 10: knitting

knit blanket
Today I am so thankful for knitting.  It's such an old craft and I love it!  I taught myself during winter finals of my sophomore year at Baylor, back in 2004.  My best friend was trying to learn and had some trouble starting so I looked at it and tried to figure it out.  From then on I was hooked.  I finished my first scarf and thought it was just the coolest thing ever to wear something I made. 

Since then I have branched out and knit everything but socks and sweaters...well I knit a sweater once, but there's no way it fits now, nor does it have it's second sleeve.  Toys are my favorite to knit.  Living in Texas doesn't exactly leave many days of the year to wear knit items, but you can play with toys all year long!  In the toy realm I knit monsters most.  You can knit them in any color and size. 

For me, knitting is very therapeutic.  It keeps my mind focused but also lets it relax from other things going on in life.  Plus, having something tangible in my hands after knitting for hours is just so rewarding.  I usually knit all my gifts for Christmas.  Luckily my family appreciates home-made :)

If you ever visit our home you will most likely see balls of yarn stashed all over the place.  David always laughs when he's cleaning up and finds one tucked away somewhere. 

The mathematics of knitting is one of the big draws for me I think.  I've always loved math and numbers and that goes hand in hand with knitting.  You have to count everything.  It's perfect for my way of thinking.

Knitting is a huge blessing for me and I'm so thankful I put off studying to learn it.

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