November 17, 2011

day 17: music

Today I am thankful for music and every role it has played in my life.  I grew up in a music-filled home and that spilled over to my school life. 

Music was my favorite special area class in elementary school, and I even stayed after school on Mondays to participate in a special music program.  My orchestra and choir classes helped me survive the awkward middle school years.  Choir made the rest of high school have a purpose.  I spent every minute I could in the choir room and I loved it.  I even started out my college career studying music. 

Though I ended up going in a different direction in school, music still plays just as important a role in my life.  Singing led me to a deeper friendship with my now husband and is ultimately what sealed the deal for us in the beginning. 

Music is also my main way to worship.  I just love singing praises to my God, and even more when I can be seated at a piano at the same time.  I was also blessed with a husband who loves to worship in the same way I do, so we get to do that together, it's pretty special to me.

Basically, who I am is shaped in a big part because of the involvement music has had in my life.

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