November 11, 2011

day 11: marrying a musician

photo by Whitney Carlson

I am so so thankful to be married to a musician.  I love that we can sing together and make music at a level I never could with anyone else.  There's just something about singing with David that it so special.  Our minds synch up and the harmonies lock in.  When we first started dating he would always try to steal my harmonies (he claims I stole his, but I'm older, they were mine first).  Nearly 6 years later we've grown so much musically and keep finding new harmonies and sounds to add to our repertoire. 

I think one of the reasons singing with him is so important to me is because I started falling in love with him when we prepared and sang together for Mani Marathon 2005.  It would be a little over a month before we would start dating, but part of me just knew.

I just found out we might get to sing together for our Christmas Eve service, I'm so excited!

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