November 16, 2011

day 16: my job

baptist student ministry

I am so so so thankful for my job.  I work at the Baptist Student Ministry on the University of Texas campus as the office manager.  I love being here.  My co-workers are amazing people of God and encourage me daily.  It's also fun being around college kids all day, they can be pretty funny.

I felt a little lost when I quit my last job with no leads to a new one, but I knew I needed to leave when I did.  It was just the right time for me to pursue something new and focus on where my heart really was.  I was able to put more focus on our wedding for a few weeks, and then enjoy just being married for a few months.  The four months I was unemployed were freeing and relaxing for me but I know they totally freaked out David.  Those months were definitely a bonding time for us and we both have a better understanding and stronger faithfulness in God. 

I was sure God would provide, and He did!  This job fell out the sky and right into my lap.  It was a big change going from a corporate office of 60 people to a small ministry of 4 regular staff members.  I've had ministry and church jobs before and they have always been my favorite, so I knew I would love it here.

Not only am I thankful for this job but I'm so thankful for God's faithfulness and that He always has us in His hands.

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