November 4, 2011

day 4: Chuy

sitting on his perch

Today I am thankful for my snugly little pup, Chuy.  He is a character.  I'm pretty sure he thinks he's human and runs our household.  He's not a fan of other people getting too close if he doesn't know them but if he does know you he's a big ball of love.  He loves giving kisses and laying across my lap, especially when I'm on my laptop.  Sometimes he acts like a cat in that way. 

Because of Chuy, I managed to not get fired from my last job for oversleeping.  He woke me up early every morning for the first few months to take him out.  Thanks Chuy, you kept money in my wallet!  Now that he's older he snuggles with me as long as I stay in bed.  Sometimes he gets a bit anxious and crawls all over me to wake me up.  Last night he squeezed between David and I to keep warm.  In doing so he also kept me warm. 

He kept me sane when I stayed home for 4 months and gave me a reason to get up and get dressed every morning (don't want to take him out looking like a bum). 

I love that he's a poodle and has real hair instead of fur.  He can get super poofy and look like a little bear.  He's working on his winter coat right now.  I'm thankful he doesn't shed because my asthma just can't handle that, neither can all our black furniture.

Chuy completes our little family and it doesn't quite feel like home unless he's there.  Best dog ever!

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