November 21, 2011

day 21: Miriah

Today I am thankful for my sister, Miriah.  She's been around for nearly 23 years (what?!) and she's pretty cool, if I have to admit it :)

When we were younger we didn't always get along, but what else can you expect when you put two stubborn girls together in one house.  I think we finally became friends once I left for college and wasn't always having to share a bathroom with her, haha.

Being 4 years apart we were never in the same school after I got out of elementary school.  Then when I transferred to Texas State she began there my second year.  It was actually fun having family so close and knowing we could have lunch together once or twice a week.

My sister is a very special person and I love her dearly.  She has a great eye for art and lights, is so very determined, and has an extremely sensitive heart for those around her.  If you count her as a friend you are a very lucky person.  She will go to bat for anyone she cares for, even if you may not be willing to do so for her.

She's a little weird, but who in our family isn't?  She knew from the start that David was someone important to me and has fully embraced him as her big brother, which I love.  I know we'll be friends for the rest of our lives and someday she'll make an amazing fun aunt.

Love you, Squirt!

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