November 6, 2011

day 6: lazy Sunday evenings

nap time

Our weekends have been pretty busy lately.  By the time lunch rolls around after church I'm ready for a 3 day nap usually.  Today we ate with my parents, ran by Old Navy, then picked up Chuy from my parent's house and headed home.  I took a nap to the tune of whatever video game David played then woke up and read a little bit.  Chuy passed out on the floor by his toy (see the above proof).  It was so nice to just be there at home with my little family.  There was no schedule, no one to entertain or be entertained by, and I could be in my comfy pants.  I made spaghetti and we watched a new tv show we like.

Later I pulled down all our Halloween decorations and started prepping for Christmas(!)  David did some work and I got our tree all set up.  We watched a documentary about Conan O'Brien's tour and how he really felt about NBC, so many funny moments.  By the time it was over our tree was fully decorated, minus a topper, and my bowl of sweet potato tots was empty (I needed a tree decorating snack).

I'm so thankful for days like these with David and Chuy.  I enjoy going out and enjoying time with friends very much, but there's just something about being in your home and making it yours with the ones you love and share that home with.  I know I'm blessed to even have a place that I can call home when so many don't have that simple luxury.  I'm blessed because of who I share it with and who we can share it with temporarily for movie nights and dinners.  I'm so excited to get the rest of the place decorated for my favorite holiday and have many friends over throughout the season.

Most of all, I'm thankful that the Lord knew we needed a day of rest.  He knew that we would overextend ourselves and, if not commanded to, would forget to rest and just be in Him.

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