November 25, 2011

day 25: Christmas

Christmas tree @ Fiesta Texas 2009

Today I am thankful for Christmas.  It's one month away and I'm so excited!  I absolutely love this time of the year (minus the mall and crazy drivers).  The lights, music, colors, weather, cheer, jingle bells, pretty wrapping paper, sparkly everything, family, and of course the reason for it all...God's son.

I know this holiday has become commercialized but to me it's a great time to remember what God sent us so many years ago and I'm so very thankful that He did.  I know theologians have decided Jesus was most likely born in the summer, and I'm thankful during the summer as well, but I love to have a special day just to celebrate Christ.  I also love that everyone knows that's what that day is for, whether they believe or not.

For me there is just nothing like Christmas, I love it!

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