November 26, 2011

day 26: my dear friends

some of our dearest friends

Today I am thankful for my dear friends.  It would take too long to write about each one individually so I'll give a general blanket thanks for all of them.

David and I have been blessed with some amazing people throughout our lives.  We were lucky enough to have all of them in our wedding earlier this year.  They are a fun bunch as you can see in the picture.  They are all so special to me in different ways.  Some are childhood friends of David, who I am thankful to for making sure he didn't blow himself up before I could meet him :)  Some are my high school choir girls who helped me survive high school and college.  Some are more recent friends who I love just as much.  One up there is a sister, and well, I already told you about her :)

Our friends are all silly and amazing all at the same times, which is probably why we keep them around...or maybe they keep us around?  I am so thankful that, for whatever reason, our bonds have stayed strong and we have them to go to whenever we need them or just want to hang out, and we can be there for them if they ever need it.

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