November 22, 2011

day 22: pinterest

my inspiration board

Today I am thankful for Pinterest!  My friend Sophie told me I had to get it a few months ago and it is just awesome.  I'm a big craft blog reader and I used to bookmark tutorials a lot but I never went back to them.  Being a visual person I hated looking at my bookmark list and seeing those ugly long links.  Pinterest is just my cup of tea.

I also like that I can see what craft projects my friends are pinning.  I've even started a board made of just meals I want to cook which I'm sure David appreciates :)  I love that I can organize as much as I want.  For example, I have a board just for felt.  I've found it especially helpful in keeping everything I want to make organized and easy to go look back and remember.

Thanks for being you, pinterest :)

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