November 3, 2011

day 3: cold weather

my new coat
Tomorrow morning is our first potential freeze of the season.  I love when it's cold outside.  I'm thankful for the snuggles it brings, the winter-wear, and the chance to wear all the fun stuff I knit.  It also reminds me of the times I spent up north in Montana and Northwestern Canada.

Those were very special times in my life and times when I felt very close to God.  Living in a church in the middle of the mountains in northern Montana and going through emotional warfare allowed me to pull closer to God than I had ever been before.  I'm so thankful for that summer, and the following cold summer spent in Canada.  God worked in my heart and my confidence.  The cold air reminds me of everything He's promised me and revealed to me. 

I'm so thankful for those summers, and I'll probably write a post on them later.  Keep reading!

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